Opulence Campaign

Campaign Opulence Collection


Photography: Marilyn Bartman

Videographer: Blond & Blauw

Models: Viktoria

MUAH: Jayne Meijer

Gowns: Jaimie Sortino, A La Robe, Rue De Seine, Odylyne the Ceremony and Bo and Luca

via Wild At Heart Bridal and Spina Bride



The Opulence collection is for the woman who is searching for a unique hair adornment with a couture like elegance. Accessories that channel a time where reality does not exist and capture the essence of dreams. She is a mysterious creature that wanders through dreamy landscapes with timeless elegance.


A fine art collection filled with pieces that are inspired by nature and based on organic forms. A headband with hand molded silver seafan branches. Hairpins inspired by dew drops on petals housing faceted zirconia’s. A coronet made from Italian olive leaves handcrafted with sterling silver.

Every piece is made by designer Daniella van den Huijssen in a limited quantity of 10 pieces of each design.


Naturae Design